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Meet the Founder

Alex Realmuto
Alex’s career has been built on bridging the gap between performance and awareness marketing. He founded Rubix in 2019 to continue fostering growth for the industry’s most innovative eCommerce, SaaS, and DTC companies. 

His leadership at Rubix has set new industry standards for online acquisition, unlocking millions of impressions for brands like Misfit Market, Italic, Maisonette, and Calm. Alex’s data-driven approach combines Performance PR and paid digital strategies to generate buzz that turns into revenue.

Alex also serves as a Growth Advisor to Primary Venture Partners and provides strategic performance marketing diligence and advice to enhance the growth trajectory of Primary’s portfolio companies.

Prior to Rubix, Alex was a founding team member and VP of Growth and Performance Marketing at Leesa Sleep, taking the business from $0-$125M in revenue in its first three years. He also developed, scaled, and sold several startups after graduating from the University of Wisconsin. Alex now lives in New York, where he enjoys trying new omakases across the city. One day, he hopes to win his Monday night bowling league.

See the Services We Offer

Paid Digital

Meta Ads
Google Ads
Performance Creative

You have big business goals. We have the chops to ensure your paid digital strategy and execution ladders back to those goals and delivers tangible results.

Performance PR

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Having an omnichannel approach to digital marketing has never been more important. Together, we’ll fill the gaps in your paid, earned, and owned media and generate buzz that gets people talking about your brand.


Push Notifications

Your customers need a guided journey from the moment they interact with your brand until they become a champion of it. We'll create a lifecycle marketing strategy that builds trust and revenue.


Custom Dashboards
Data Warehousing
Consumable Insights

Seeing is believing. With custom dashboards and real-time insights, you'll watch the impact our work will have on your business as it's already happening.

Our Data-Driven Approach to Growth

The Rubix team has decades of combined experience in paid digital, affiliate marketing, and performance PR that will catapult your brand into the spotlight.

Audit Thoroughly
We’ll get the lay of the land and delve into your brand story and your target audience, uncover insights from customer research, and identify the right Rubix team members for the job.
Plan Strategically
Next, we’ll put pen to paper as our team of experts takes their findings and crafts a multi-channel strategy that guarantees growth and aligns to your broader business initiatives.
Execute Thoughtfully
This is where the rubber meets the road. We’ll deliver full-funnel results as you acquire, convert, and retain more new customers through Performance PR, Paid Digital efforts, or a combination of the two.
Repeat Liberally
Lather, rinse, repeat: We’ll create data-rich reports to understand performance and iterate on our strategy as needed. Our nimble team of experts can pivot on a dime and ensure your goals are always being met.

Omnichannel Excellence at Scale

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Rubix doesn’t work for you: We’re an extension of your team, and we work with you to develop and execute on a comprehensive plan you can ladder back to bigger business goals.

If you’re looking for a “set it and forget it” digital agency, we’re not the team for you. We focus on holistic business growth using a multi-channel approach that delivers on all of your KPIs.

Delivering Seriously Significant Results

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Tailored Process, Proven Results

We’re top-tier talent with deep industry expertise. We’ll meet your audience where they’re at and serve them the perfect message at the perfect time.

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