Agency focus, Hedge fund ethos

At our core, we are people who solve puzzles.

We work hand in hand with companies that align with our beliefs to build budgets, diversify channel mix, optimize collective spend and effectively scale.

By fine tuning campaigns and channels, We make thoughtful decisions, rooted in data, about how budgets should be allocated to maximize growth and returns.

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Full-funnel channel diversification

To win in the omni-channel world, it’s better to diversify the acquisition channel portfolio rather than relying on a singular strategy (like owning an individual stock). Now, more than ever, breaking through the noise requires the right creative vision and a consistent, full-funnel experience across platforms. Each prospect deserves a tailored experience determined by their profile and needs.  We work with you to deliver the right message at the right time.

Why I started Rubix

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’d worked with agencies, paid for them, and argued over billable hours, ever caught in the tension of their hourly billing and our lightning speed expectations. The relationship would eventually deteriorate and we’d have to start over with another set. The process was broken, so we decided to change it.

Our services

We are constantly studying and surveying all channels. At Rubix, we pride ourselves on being lifelong learners in the channel experience. If the channel exists, we know how to approach it strategically. We will drive the most efficient and effective ROI for your business.

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