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Moon Pod

Rubix drove exponential revenue growth of 70.7% throughout 2020 and 2021 and continued to meet efficiency goals while maximizing revenue targets to align with market trends.

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The Overview

Since its inception in 2018, Moon Pod has redefined relaxation by seamlessly merging technology with comfort, offering a zero-gravity beanbag chair. In 2020, Moon Pod recognized the potential for growth and partnered with Rubix to help scale the business through digital marketing. 

Moon Pod was faced with many obstacles over the years from ever changing consumer trends, to adopting new business models, and significant category decline post COVID-19. 

With Rubix as their partner, Moon Pod conquered these challenges and maintained efficiency goals and revenue levels near or above 2020. Together, we drove exponential revenue growth of 70.7% throughout 2020 and 2021.

The Strategy

Affiliate Transformation

Rubix established Moon Pod's affiliate program to focus highly on content partnerships and high impact media publications. Rubix secured hundreds of affiliate placements over the past three years which with a ROAS of 10.6x.  

By successfully securing placements in top-tier publications such as Oprah, USA Today, and CNN, Rubix was able to expand Moon Pod's reach and sustain significant market share as competition emerged. Rubix leveraging top-tier media outlets played a pivotal role in Moon Pod's continued success and growth, despite the declining product category. This approach, coupled with meticulous campaign management, resulted in a 45% increase in CVR.

Paid Search Transformation

Our paid search strategy for Moon Pod focused on key elements: account consolidation, audience refinement, branded bid strategy, ongoing copy testing, and feed optimizations. 

Notably, non-brand and competitive searches saw a 458% increase in spend, resulting in a 414% revenue boost, while upper-funnel tactics yielded a 187% revenue surge while spend increased 192%. Our strategic approach effectively maximized ROI across paid search channels and maintained efficiencies despite increased spend, driving both immediate conversions and long-term revenue growth, resulting in a 19% increase in CVR.

The Results

Despite facing numerous hurdles, including shifting consumer trends and pandemic-induced market declines, Moon Pod and Rubix achieved great success. 

With Rubix's support, Moon Pod not only overcame these challenges but also maintained and exceeded efficiency and revenue goals, driving 70.7% revenue growth over 2020 and 2021, while reducing CPA by 21.2%

With Rubix’s strategic management in the affiliate space, Moon Pod earned significant share of voice in the market place earning hundreds of placements and an average ROAS of 10.6x.

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