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Misfits Market

The Misfits Story: From $0 to $2B Valuation in 3 Years

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The Overview

Misfits Market, a subscription-based online grocery service, set out in 2018 to break the cycle of food waste and has achieved an impressive $2B valuation in just 4 years since inception. Taking on an industry notorious for razor thin margins head on, the Misfits team knew that scale was going to be critical and this growth story is a testament to the power of strategic performance marketing.

The Strategy

Rubix optimized Misfits Market's marketing strategy by expanding successful audience segments, testing various creative themes, and restructuring the Facebook ad account for better performance. They also developed tailored landing pages and broadened the channel mix to include paid search, display, YouTube, Pinterest, and affiliate marketing. Integrating celebrity partnerships into ad creatives enhanced brand recognition, while continuously adapting messaging based on customer survey data ensured alignment with evolving preferences. By taking a hands-on approach to monitoring and optimizing these campaigns daily, Misfits maintained an efficient customer acquisition cost as ad spend scaled. 

The Results

As they aimed for growth, Misfits partnered with Rubix Agency to scale their marketing efforts. Rubix's strategy involved restructuring marketing channels, expanding audience segments, and streamlining messaging. We also diversified their ad platforms, improved landing pages, and adapted creative messaging based on customer feedback, ultimately transforming Misfits Market into an industry leader with a strong digital presence in over 40 states.

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