We're your digital marketing partner

We’re puzzle-solvers—combining a highly-personalized approach with an experienced team of outside-of-the-box thinkers to help your business achieve holistic growth through paid digital and performance PR.

Puzzles we’re solving

Our Strategy

Your puzzle needs a highly-individualized strategy

Think of Rubix as an extension of your team–we’re all working toward the same goals. Instead of a channel-specific strategy that lacks diversity and leaves cards on the table, we look at performance as a whole.

We use data and comprehensive analysis to optimize your paid digital, performance PR and email strategies, identifying unique opportunities within each platform and customizing our approach specifically to your business goals.

From getting customers to your site in the first place all the way through the post-purchase checkout, we support the consumer journey from end to end, presenting out-of-the-box ideas and solutions for your paid digital and performance PR that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Process

A tailored process with proven results

When you partner with Rubix, you will receive regular, comprehensive insights with unique-to-your-business creative solutions. We deliver actionable data analysis through consumable reporting methods and work together to pivot and adapt as needed.

Rubix insights allow us to simultaneously drive ROAS and find new ways to scale, all at a pace that aligns with your business goals. Our process cultivates loyal customers along the way so you can watch and quantify ever-increasing LTV’s.

Our Partners

Together, we'll find the right channel mix for success

To win in the omni-channel world and break through the noise in your industry, you need the right, full-funnel experience.

With our experience in paid digital and performance PR, we’ll help you choose the right platforms for your goals and diversify your acquisition channel portfolio so that each prospective customer has a tailored experience determined by their profile and needs. That way, we deliver the right message at the right time.

Our Services

We'll be your paid digital & affiliate marketing partner

At Rubix, we’re constantly studying and surveying. Not to mention, our team has a vast array of experience, from building in-house marketing teams, working for full-service agencies & working at (and starting!) dozens of direct-to-consumer and e-commerce businesses. That’s why we can strategically approach your unique puzzle to drive the most efficient & effective ROI for your business.


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