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Bajío Sunglasses

Rubix Helped Bajío Sunglasses Grow Total Business by 113% YoY With Paid Social, Paid Search and Affiliate.

Performance PR
Paid Digital

The Overview

The Bajio team, seasoned in the competitive world of retail eyewear at Costa, ventured into creating a distinct brand introducing innovative blue-light fishing sunglasses online. Despite a challenging start with a 1.12x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in 2021, Bajio improved to 2.5x in the second year, identifying a product-market fit. 

Facing hurdles in scaling orders and optimizing ROAS through digital channels, Bajio's turning point came in 2023 as they welcomed Rubix to their marketing team. By the end of the year, they achieved an impressive 5.5x ROAS across digital marketing channels.

The Strategy

Paid Digital:

Rubix became a critical partner with Bajio’s Marketing team, elevating ROAS from sub 1x to an impressive blended 5x across Paid Digital channels. Our Paid Social strategy involved a shift away from high-funnel, traffic-focused campaigns, redirecting budget towards more targeted, conversion-optimized campaigns. Through streamlining keyword bidding and employing strategic negative keyword tactics, Rubix not only enhanced efficiency in Paid Search channels but also played a pivotal role in guiding Bajio’s business growth.

Looking to further diversify growth channels, Bajío came to Rubix looking to expand the brand's reach by leveraging audiences from publishers, content creators, and bloggers.


No Coupon or Cashback Partners Allowed: Bajío’s approach to affiliate aligned well with Rubix’s Performance PR offerings and focused highly on content partnerships. In the first 6 months, Rubix secured 50+ affiliate placements which has fueled a new acquisition channel that outpaced paid digital with a ROAS of 9.53x

By successfully securing placements in top-tier publications such as Men's Journal, Gear Junkie, USA Today, and MidCurrent, Rubix was able to expand Bajío’s reach to adjacent verticals such as surfing and hiking. Coupled with an affiliate incentive-program focused on increasing purchases of Bajío’s RX sunglasses, the affiliate program earned an impressive +52.5% increase in AOV as compared to the business at large.

The Results

In the competitive market, Bajio struggled with underperforming Paid Digital campaigns and expanding reach through an affiliate program. Seeking a path to revenue, Bajio found the answer in a strategic partnership with Rubix. Within six months, the partnership resulted in a +565% surge in revenue, showcasing Rubix’s effectiveness as a growth partner for businesses at any stage.

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Blended ROAS Across Paid Digital

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Increase in AOV in Affiliate Channel

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