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Crawford Thomas

Rubix drove 49% YoY growth in Qualified Leads, while also improving efficiency at significantly increased spends.

Paid Digital

The Overview

Crawford Thomas, a leading recruiting firm, struggled to optimize paid search efficiency. Despite recognizing the potential paid search, disarray in their ad accounts prompted the need for Rubix's expert guidance to fully benefit from digital marketing.

Crawford Thomas faced significant challenges in its existing state, characterized by an overwhelming number of campaigns and ad groups. Rubix identified key areas for improvement: the need for a streamlined structure, effective keyword targeting, and compelling ad messaging.

With Rubix’s expert management, Crawford Thomas saw 49% YoY growth in Qualified Leads, 52% increase in CVR, and a reduced cost per lead by 5%.

The Strategy

In a comprehensive overhaul, Rubix initiated strategic campaign consolidation, streamlining campaign structures and enhancing targeting. Rubix worked with Crawford Thomas to integrate offline conversion data, optimizing towards a deeper sales funnel by prioritizing Qualified Lead traffic. 

To safeguard against fraudulent activities, Rubix deployed CAPTCHA and ClickCease, blocking bots and spam, and protecting from fraudulent IPs.

The campaign strategy was further refined through tiered breakouts for priority job industries and device-specific allocations, complemented by calculated keyword targeting. This holistic approach was completed with a robust Landing Page Testing Framework, laying the foundation for continuous refinement of the user experience in the evolving landscape of 2024.

The Results

Rubix's collaboration with the Crawford Thomas team yielded remarkable results, showcasing a substantial YoY growth in Qualified Leads. Even with significantly increased spends, the team achieved outstanding efficiency improvement. 

The click-through rate soared by 26.63%, indicating heightened engagement, while the conversion rate experienced an increase of 51.95%

The Qualified Leads saw a surge of 48.69%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the refined keyword and targeting strategies. 

Furthermore, Rubix successfully decreased the cost per lead by 5.07%, a commendable cost-efficiency achievement.

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