Tips for Segmenting Your Email Campaigns

Segmenting your email campaigns is one of the best ways to increase your open rate as well as your click-through rate. 

Effective email use is essential for business growth. Numerous companies use email to communicate and advertise. Email marketing has survived many supposed “email killers,” such as social media. However, email marketing is not a magic bullet. It can only be truly successful when implemented with strategic campaigns and benchmarks.

Your email campaigns may do more harm than good without a strong marketing strategy. One such strategy is email segmentation. Segmentation targets recipients who are more likely to engage with your email content and campaigns.
Here’s what you need to know about email targeting and segmentation.

How important is email?

Over 4 billion people use email, more than half the world. Such a commonly used tool won’t go away anytime soon. That means learning how to get consumers’ attention with email by implementing a robust and long-lasting strategy to increase lead generation and conversion rates.

“Email is single-handedly one of the strongest marketing channels we see across the board at Rubix Agency. Brands must optimize their email campaigns with strong content, creative testing, and promotional offers to convert both their existing and prospective purchasers. Development of robust strategies along with continued data analysis and insightful modifications can easily make email one of your brand’s top three revenue-driving marketing channels.”
Caitlin Covington, Director
Rubix Agency

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult. By 2024, global users will send 361 billion emails each day. Many of those emails are junk and go directly to your spam folder or get overlooked and deleted. In fact, in 2020, only around one in five emails were ever opened, with an average open rate of 21.3% across all industries. Increasing the open rate can be difficult, but a successful email campaign is definitely worth the effort.

Thankfully, there is a secret weapon you can use to help improve your open rate. Segmenting your email campaigns is one of the best ways to increase your open rate as well as your click-through rate.

What is list segmentation?

How often do you receive emails that don’t pertain to you in the slightest? Probably too often. Most companies struggle to personalize their emails in a way that truly matters. Simply starting the email with “Hi Jon” won’t personalize it enough to convert users or keep them consistently engaged with your email campaigns.

Businesses should specifically tailor personalized emails to the individual’s needs and interests. For example, just because someone bought a tent from a sporting goods store doesn’t mean they should get every email about fishing gear going on sale. Unfortunately, that’s what many companies do. They send out all information and deals, and then the information that would truly matter to the consumer gets lost in the shuffle.

List segmentation separates recipients based on their interests, purchase history, background, and other personal information. It’s a way to ensure that every email one of your consumers receives will be relevant to them and their interests. Segmenting your email campaigns has improved open rates by 14.31%, decreasing bounces by 4.65%.

How to Segment Your Email Campaigns

Segmenting your email campaigns isn’t as complex or involved as you think. There are insightful business tools that can give you what you need to implement a more robust email campaign.

1. Personalized Data

Personalized data can be any information you have about a consumer. Their gender, purchase history, age, and location all offer insight into what emails will most interest them. For example, a 65-year-old male who lives near Lake Michigan will probably be more interested in buying a boat than a 27-year-old female in Las Vegas. You can use CRM tools that will collect and organize this information for you.

2. Email Marketing Platforms

Your email marketing platform is the system that lets you create, test, send, and optimize your email campaigns. However, not all of them offer the same features. While almost every EMP has a segmentation capability, be sure to look for one that offers multiple features you can utilize.

3. Analyze Metrics and Adapt Accordingly

You’ll find that specific changes will increase your click-through rate and customer engagement, and others may hurt your numbers. Like anything business-related, you’ll need to consistently analyze email data along the way and identify what works and what doesn’t.

Partnering With Rubix Agency

Rubix Agency partners with startups and growing companies to create data-driven growth marketing strategies. Our team of experts can help you leverage tools such as organic and paid search, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and even television advertising. We work with you to find the right multi-pronged approach to reaching your target audience. You can benefit from a well-thought-out strategy backed by data science when you engage Rubix Agency.