A look into how we put the pieces together

The Rubix team uses our collective experiences at start-ups, corporations & agencies to look at your business holistically. From deep market analysis to a fundamental understanding of the competitive landscape, we analyze it all to build you a highly-individualized plan, unique to your situation to help you outperform your competitors and reach your goals.

Together, we'll find the right channel mix for success

To win in the omni-channel world and break through the noise in your industry, you need the right, full-funnel experience.

With our experience in paid digital and performance PR, we’ll help you choose the right platforms for your goals and diversify your acquisition channel portfolio so that each prospective customer has a tailored experience determined by their profile and needs. That way, we deliver the right message at the right time.

Onboarding & Implementation

We want your onboarding to be as painless as possible, with a straightforward implementation process & quick setup, so we can get started puzzle-solving.

Are you ready to reach your business goals?

1. Discovery Call

In our initial call or meeting, we want to understand your goals and objectives.

2. Campaign Audit

We'll score your existing paid media & affiliate marketing across creative, structural & technical metrics.

3. Pre-Launch Planning

Next, let's draw up the contract, schedule a kickoff meeting, align on testing plans & any associated pieces.

4. Pilot Engagement

Let's put it to use! We'll begin structured testing, scale creative & audience and begin reporting.

Puzzles we’re solving


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