A look at how we put the pieces together

We use our experiences at start-ups and agencies to look at your business holistically. From deep market analysis to a fundamental understanding of the competitive landscape, we analyze it all. We will build a customized plan, bespoke to each situation, to position you to outperform others in your sector.

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Painless Onboarding and
Simple Process Implementation

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1. Discovery Call
Initial call or meeting to understand your goals and objectives.

2. Campaign Audit
We score your existing Facebook campaigns across creative, structural, and technical metrics.
3. Pre-Launch Planning
Contracting, kickoff meeting, staffing, align on test plans, and all associated components.
4. Pilot Engagement
Begin structured testing, scale creative and audience, and begin reporting cadence.

Full-funnel channel diversification

To win in the omni-channel world, it’s better to diversify the acquisition channel portfolio rather than relying on a singular strategy (like owning an individual stock). Now, more than ever, breaking through the noise requires the right creative vision and a consistent, full-funnel experience across platforms. Each prospect deserves a tailored experience determined by their profile and needs.  We work with you to deliver the right message at the right time.

Our Process

The Rubix process delivers actionable business intelligence through creative problem solving, rigorous data analysis and consumable reporting methods. The insights allow us to drive ROAS while offering opportunities to scale at a pace that aligns with your business goals and profitability. Simultaneously, we cultivate loyal customers so you can watch, and quantify, ever-increasing LTV’s.

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A combination of creativity and cutting edge technologies uncovers unique opportunities to scale businesses.
Users Retention/LTV
Nurture relationships with customers and develop brand loyalty.
Evaluate budgeting and profitability to ensure accretive returns.
Customizable dashboards that uncover and demystify the trends unique to the industry.