Misfits Market

Grocery subscription & food company

How we helped Misfits Market achieve massive new customer growth

12 New State Launches

+123% New Customers in 12 months

+451% new monthly customers*
(*Jan 2021 compared to Jan 2018)

We scaled Facebook spend using optimized existing and brand new creative assets to increase sales, including successful launch campaigns in new states. Rubix also implemented a successful affiliate marketing plan for an omni-channel approach.

Their Story

Designed to break the cycle of food waste, Misfits Market sources high-quality, organic produce that has a few quirks--funny looking fruits, misshapen vegetables and delicious, but odd-sized, produce--and brings them to doorsteps across the nation. Why? Billions of pounds of fresh produce is tossed each year for failing to meet modern-day standards for food. Misfits Market buys this produce from hundreds of farms across the country and provides them to consumers across the U.S.

The Puzzle

Misfits wanted to quickly acquire new customers while maintaining efficiency.
Misfits Market’s goal was simple: they wanted to grow but lacked a strong scalable and efficient marketing strategy. Their existing efforts were focused on retargeting site visitors. So, how do you take a D2C company running ads on a single platform and scale it to be an industry leader with a holistic digital presence across Facebook, AdWords, Pinterest, targeted direct mail campaigns in 12 months?

The Strategy

Build and restructure channels to optimize performance.
Identify and incrementally scale top performing, broad-based audience segments. Simplify messaging and test an expansive range of creative and copy themes. Rebuild Facebook ad account structure to consolidate performance signal and minimize learning phase. Develop alternative landing pages that have been optimized for performance marketing objectives. Expand channel mix to diversify acquisition sources. Leverage celebrity partnership into digital ad creative. Shift creative messaging based on insights derived from customer survey data.

The Results

Together, we achieved massive growth through Facebook, paid search and affiliate partnerships.
Rubix was able to help Misfits Market quickly scale new customer acquisitions efforts as the business grew from a small regional service limited to an industry leader across 36 states.


New State Launches


New Customers in 12 months


New monthly customers*
(*Jan 2021 compared to Jan 2018)

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