Technical Project Manager


The Company: Rubix Agency

We created Rubix because we wanted something different than what traditional agencies offered. We are a group of individuals worldwide solving performance marketing problems. Our clients are some of the fastest growing and most successful e-commerce businesses, and if they're not yet, it's our goal to get them there. 

Rubix has assembled individuals with experience building in-house marketing teams and working at full-service agencies. Our backgrounds give us the know-how to help clients navigate and scale in today's competitive performance marketing landscape. Some of the challenges are marketing-based, while others revolve around improving UI/UX or design issues. Our blended business model consists of wholly-owned in-house brands and software products, plus agency services that combine to work as one functional and multi-faceted team. 

Developing culture in a fully remote agency is difficult, but with active Slack-channels, weekly trivia stand-ups and shared Spotify playlists, we're making it happen. We are looking for marketing-minded entrepreneurs and individuals who crave something different but want to be a part of something incredible. 

At Rubix, we work hard to build systems and processes that make us one part agency and one part incubator. Here, creative means anything from robust data analysis to asset ideation through guidance on creative that will live on multiple channels.

If you feel like the word creative too often is applied to artists and not often enough to individuals with skills like yours, then you're in the right place.

The Position: Technical Project Manager

In this role as Technical Project Manager, you will be in charge of managing our engineering team's day-to-day operations. You will also have to communicate with the product ownership stakeholders and act as a conduit of information to ensure smooth operations. You are responsible for keeping a pulse on the engineer's efforts, helping to remove roadblocks, and escalating them through proper channels when necessary. You must be comfortable reporting out situations and progress updates to relevant stakeholders.

 About You 

  • A clear, concise communicator across multiple mediums and difference audiences
  • Two years of experience working on a software team, preferably as a Project Manager
  • A year of experience using any form of Agile development (Scrum, Scrumban, Kanban)
  • General availability between 8 AM - 5 PM EST for Zoom meetings and Slack

The Project

Our Insights team is dedicated to building a cutting edge marketing analytics and reporting platform. We use machine learning, forecasting, goal tracking, and programmatically surfaced actionable insights in this effort.

Our Tech Stack

React js, Node.js, TypeScript/JavaScript, Python, PostgreSQL, AWS ECS Fargate, Docker

The Team

The team operates in four working groups:

  • Stakeholders own the product vision and the product road map
  • The data team consumes 3rd party APIs and prototypes data visualizations; sanitizing data, performing calculations, and producing client-application consumable data
  • The design team defines the UI/UX and visual aesthetics of the product (look/feel/flow)
  • The development team collaborates with all these teams and implements the approved requirements

Interview Process

With a solid understanding of this position, the next step is to know our interview process. 


The hiring process is broken down into three steps: 

  1. Challenge and application to the position.
  2. Phone interview with the hiring manager and the technical team leader. 
  3. Offer letter extended. 


Step one


To provide you with a better understanding of the things you will be working on, we have included a challenge, a requirement, for applying to this role. If you think you are a good fit and are excited about this role, please complete the application by submitting the challenge using the linked form below. 


Step Two


Upon completion and submission of the challenge, a developer or manager associated with the position will review your work. The hiring manager will reach out to schedule a call to review the work you have completed and conduct a phone interview. 

Please come with any questions you might have about the project, the role, or the company. We are happy to spend as much time as is needed to get to know one another. As the work you will submit during the interview challenge will represent your thought process and technical skills, this is more about getting to know one another more than a technical interview. We genuinely believe that every team member should be passionate and excited about the project and work with one another to find success. 

Step Three 

Should we decide to proceed, we will notify you.

The Challenge: 

Basic Problem Statement 

Translating Biz vision into actionable development plans and maintaining an accurate backlog and timeline is something that is missing in our current working group is missing. As the team has grown this is something that is essential for success moving forward.


We're building a prototype web application with a registration process. Completing the registration process requires registrants to verify their email address. We anticipate that registrants may accidentally delete the verification email or experience a delivery failure from time to time. The registration process needs to accommodate these types of potential issues.

Challenge: Registration Process Test

  • Create requirements detailing the necessary functionality required to build and accurately test the registration process. The estimate of a single requirement may take no longer than a day for a senior-level engineer to complete. 
  • Extra Credit: Create requirements for a sign-in process and forget password/reset password process.

Expected deliverables 

  • Draft and prioritize a complete set of requirements using (or similar online tool), which we may review.


Use the link below to submit your application and challenge-response. 

  • Ideally, the response to the challenges is a single document with sub-links to relevant work.
  • We are very flexible on specific formats and tool choices: Google docs, HTML, Figma, Plain text, etc.

Apply by clicking below and submitting your work all other required fields. 

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