Performance Marketer / Facebook Media Buyer


The Company

We created Rubix because we wanted something different than what traditional agencies offered. We are a group of individuals worldwide solving performance marketing problems. Our clients are some of the fastest-growing and most successful e-commerce businesses, and if they’re not yet, it’s our goal to get them there. 

Rubix has assembled individuals with experience building in-house marketing teams and working at full-service agencies. Our backgrounds give us the know-how to help clients navigate and scale in today’s competitive performance marketing landscape. Some of the challenges are marketing-based, while others revolve around improving UI/UX or design issues. Our blended business model consists of wholly-owned in-house brands and software products, plus agency services that combine to work as one functional and multi-faceted team. 

Developing culture as a fully remote agency is difficult, but with active Slack-channels, weekly trivia stand-ups and shared Spotify playlists, we’re making it happen. We are looking for marketing-minded entrepreneurs and individuals who crave something different but want to be a part of something incredible. 

 At Rubix, we work hard to build systems and processes that make us one part agency and one part incubator. Here, creative means anything from robust data analysis to asset ideation through guidance on creative that will live on multiple channels.

If you feel like the word creative too often is applied to artists and not often enough to individuals with skills like yours, then you’re in the right place.

The Team

Rubix is split into 7 departments: 

  1. Performance Marketing: Manages the paid digital spend for all projects/clients. 
  2. Design: From onsite UX and visual design, high fidelity email design and high-performance social assets, our design team can do it all. 
  3. Account Strategy and Management: From client management to affiliate and influencer marketing to direct mail, this team is very diverse and key to its success. This role will fall into and support this team very heavily. 
  4. Development: If you can dream it, they can build it. We have a competent full stack team in house. We primarily focus on Javascript and python.
  5. SEO & Content: Search engine optimization and content marketing. 
  6. Data Science: Reports all data in all channels. Our capable data scientists deliver accurate, timely information for every client and every channel. They strive to find new and engaging ways to devise actionable insights into all aspects of marketing spend and analysis. 
  7. Finance: Counts the beans and keeps us in compliance.

The Position: Rubix Performance Marketer Facebook Media Buyer

Our newest performance marketer will manage and execute the Facebook performance marketing campaigns for key clients. Using your creative and critical thinking chops, plus Facebook expertise, you will be in charge of guiding strategy and making tactical decisions. 

You should be able to produce and communicate high-quality insights and reports while operating independently. 


About You 

  • Three years of experience (minimum) in digital or performance marketing
  • Expert-level knowledge of Facebook advertising with at least two years of experience executing paid Facebook campaigns
  • Experience with additional performance marketing channels, including search engine marketing, display marketing, or email marketing preferred
  • Strong data analysis skills. Experience with Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets and advanced functions such as pivot tables, calculated fields, and vlookups required.
  • Exceptional attention to detail, including the ability to execute digital marketing campaigns without error
  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Strong writing, editing, and proofreading skills, including the ability to create and update slideshows and decks
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with a team in the management and execution of digital marketing campaigns

Interview Process 

With a solid understanding of this position, the next step is to know our interview process. 

The hiring process is broken down into three steps: 

  1. Challenge and application to the position.
  2. Phone interview with the hiring manager and the technical team leader. 
  3. Offer letter extended. 

Step one

To provide you with a better understanding of the things you will be working on, we have included a challenge, a requirement, for applying to this role. If you think you are a good fit and are excited about this role, please complete the application by submitting the challenge using the linked form below. 

Step Two

Upon completion and submission of the challenge, a developer or manager associated with the position will review your work. The hiring manager will reach out to schedule a call to review the work you have completed and conduct a phone interview. 

Please come with any questions you might have about the project, the role, or the company. We are happy to spend as much time as is needed to get to know one another. As the work you will submit during the interview challenge will represent your thought process and technical skills, this is more about getting to know one another more than a technical interview. We genuinely believe that every team member should be passionate and excited about the project and work with one another to find success. 

Step Three 

Should we decide to proceed, an offer will be extended.

The Challenge 


“Tom’s Outdoor Apparel” is an online clothing store. They are running a successful Facebook advertising campaign for the past three months, whose objective is to drive purchases. Using the attached dataset, please answer the following questions. Please upload the spreadsheet document you used to answer the questions. 

Challenge Files

Basic Problem Statement 

Analyze the advertising campaign and provide your insights and interpretations of the dataset. 

Challenge: Provide Tom’s Outdoor Apparel with analysis

  • Identify which prospecting audience drove the lowest overall cost per purchase? State the cost per purchase?
  • Calculate the percent change in total click-through rate from October to November?
  • Tom’s Outdoor Apparel uses the following convention to name their Facebook ads: 

[Ad Type]_[Clothing Type]_[Clothing Color]. 

For example: image ad featuring red shirts →  “Image_Shirt_Red” 

  • Identify how many different colors Tom’s Outdoor Apparel advertised?
  • State which color drove the lowest cost per purchase?
  • Identify the item/color combination that drove the highest cost per purchase?
  • Tom’s Outdoor Apparel wants to manufacture a piece of clothing in a new color. Suggest which color would you think they should choose and justify why?
  • Suggest three optimizations Tom’s Outdoor Apparel should implement to reduce the cost per purchase of their Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Provide a description of how you would test this. Please include specific details.
  • Tom’s Outdoor Apparel current ad creative features each of their products against a white background. They recently received a new set of creative images featuring their products being worn in everyday situations. Tom’s Outdoor Apparel wants to identify which creative set (current white, or new everyday) earns a better cost per purchase on Facebook.

Expected deliverables 

  • Detailed answers to the questions
  • Link to the spreadsheet with details of solutions


Use the link below to submit your application and challenge-response. 

  • Ideally, the response to the challenges is a single document with sub-links to relevant work.
  • We are very flexible on specific formats and tool choices: Google docs, HTML, Figma, Plain text, etc.


Apply here