Paid Search Marketing Associate


What is Rubix?

Rubix is part agency, part incubator. Think of us more as traders than as marketers. Of course, there is a fair share of marketing going on, but the mindset is more Hedge Fund startup than a brick-and-mortar agency. It’s like this: examine the inputs, then pull the best levers to impact profits and returns. As a channel-agnostic agency, Rubix prides itself on responding quickly to whatever is working for a campaign or a product. We work with companies to build budgets, shape forecasts, deliver insights, and scale accordingly.

Who is Rubix?

We are a group of individuals with different backgrounds, predominantly marketing, but also technology, finance, education, and creative, just to name a few. Our collective experience gives us the know-how to successfully scale brands and companies in the competitive DTC marketing space. Rubix’s collaborative atmosphere means that we have a little bit of everything and an ecosystem where you can find your niche and flourish. It’s a collection of marketing-minded entrepreneurs and individuals who craved something different, so we made Rubix.

How will you spend your time?

We are looking for a hard-working, results-driven individual who is comfortable with data and forecasting what comes next. You'll need strong communication and analytical skills for this position. You should be passionate about programmatic media mechanics and have a keen eye and attention to detail. 

In this role, you will contribute to Rubix by: 

  • Owning forecasting, budget building, reporting and day to day campaign management of large-scale paid search accounts across several verticals and customer/product types for assigned accounts & assist Performance team on non assigned accounts 
  • Monitoring spend, pacing, and performance to report on SEM campaign effectiveness 
  • Collaborating with our data science teams to investigate performance, refine reporting, ensure data accuracy, and report on critical KPIs
  • Recommending strategies and tactics for scaling and optimizing accounts

How do you qualify?

Candidates SHOULD have the following:

  • Two years of experience as a Media Strategist and/or Buyer in paid search marketing (internships count) within e-commerce organizations or agencies
  • History working with: Google AdWords, Google Shopping, Google Analytics, AdWords Editor and Bing Ads
  • Experience conducting keyword research, ad copy creation and testing, bid management, search query reporting and analysis
  • Communication skills to present plans and performance results to multiple audiences
  • Prior involvement with report construction, forecasting, and budget building
  • Excel fluency

Bonus Points

  • Experience working in display media buying
  • Experience with YouTube, and platforms like TikTok and Snapchat
  • Experience with Amazon
  • Entrepreneurial-minded is an agency, but we all have entrepreneurial experience and have plans for our own brands. 

What do we offer?

  • Fully remote company

          Work where you’re comfortable. No more commutes to the office.

  • Health insurance 

          We offer health insurance to make sure our employees have access to the coverage they need.

  • Flexible working hours

          Schedule meetings and take care of your tasks on your time. We trust you. 

  • Vacations?

          You want to go? Just let us know. 

  • Professional development and education 

          Access our ever-growing network of clients, customers, and partners for opportunities to expand your skills and experience.

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