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The Company: Rubix Agency

We created Rubix because we wanted something different than what traditional agencies offered. We are a group of individuals worldwide solving performance marketing problems. Our clients are some of the fastest growing and most successful e-commerce businesses, and if they're not yet, it's our goal to get them there. 

Rubix has assembled individuals with experience building in-house marketing teams and working at full-service agencies. Our backgrounds give us the know-how to help clients navigate and scale in today's competitive performance marketing landscape. Some of the challenges are marketing-based, while others revolve around improving UI/UX or design issues. Our blended business model consists of wholly-owned in-house brands and software products, plus agency services that combine to work as one functional and multi-faceted team. 

Developing culture in a fully remote agency is difficult, but with active Slack-channels, weekly trivia stand-ups and shared Spotify playlists, we're making it happen. We are looking for marketing-minded entrepreneurs and individuals who crave something different but want to be a part of something incredible. 

At Rubix, we work hard to build systems and processes that make us one part agency and one part incubator. Here, creative means anything from robust data analysis to asset ideation through guidance on creative that will live on multiple channels.

If you feel like the word creative too often is applied to artists and not often enough to individuals with skills like yours, then you're in the right place.

The Position: Executive Administrator/Operator

Rubix Agency is seeking an experienced Executive Administrator / Operator to support its management and organization at large. 

This role offers full transparency into a company with a blended business model consisting of wholly-owned house brands and software products with a strong agency services division that works collaboratively as one symbiotic team. You will, so to speak, have the keys to the castle. If you're passionate and motivated, this is a fast lane to a VP of Operations role. 

You will be working with a team of highly motivated entrepreneurs who get things done. Primarily you will be working directly with the company leaders. Each has their own set of challenges in their roles. 

Our CEO, Alex Realmuto, knows what he wants and wants it done quickly. Second-in-command Ross Merrick wears many hats and needs help keeping them all orderly.

We need a motivated problem solver to come in and creatively simplify their task-lists while finding solutions to every day but no less critical duties. To find success in this role, you must have the ability to work both autonomously and collaboratively. You must be able to discern between situations that require you to raise a flag and ask for help versus those that require you to power through and figure it out. 

About You: 

  • Ambitious, self-motivated, hungry to learn, discreet, curious and hard-working. 
  • A clear, concise communicator across multiple mediums with an eye for editing when necessary.
  • Exceptional time management, scheduling, organization and administrative skills
  • Experienced in high-performance environments in similar roles
  • Knowledgeable in best practices associated with communication, prioritization and information dissemination

Examples of How You'll Spend Your Time: 

  1. Create an indexed library of Slack content and provide occasional short summaries that include crucial takeaways and commentaries
  2. Collect and categorize job applicants and schedule meetings/interviews with necessary stakeholders.
  3. Liaise with international contractors to schedule and ship efficiently. 
  4. Identify health insurance options for the upcoming fiscal year
  5. Build out client calendar to highlight significant moments and celebrate successes
  6. Attend management meetings and take notes
  7. Work with Alex and Ross on accountability
  8. Clean and organize internal Google Drive
  9. Manage LastPass and other credential systems
  10. Help maintain clean inboxes and highlight essential emails

Interview Process: 


With a solid understanding of this position, the next step is to know our interview process. 


The hiring process is broken down into three steps: 

  1. Challenge and application to the position.
  2. Phone interview with the hiring manager and the technical team leader. 
  3. Offer letter extended. 


Step one:


To provide you with a better understanding of the things you will be working on, we have included a challenge, a requirement, for applying to this role. If you think you are a good fit and are excited about this role, please complete the application by submitting the challenge using the linked form below. 


Step Two:


Upon completion and submission of the challenge, a developer or manager associated with the position will review your work. The hiring manager will reach out to schedule a call to review the work you have completed and conduct a phone interview. 

Please come with any questions you might have about the project, the role, or the company. We are happy to spend as much time as is needed to get to know one another. As the work you will submit during the interview challenge will represent your thought process and technical skills, this is really more about getting to know one another more than it is a technical interview. We genuinely believe that to find success, every team member should be passionate and excited about the project and working with one another. 

Step Three: 

An offer letter will be extended if a decision to proceed is made.

The Challenge: 



Use the link below to submit your application and challenge-response. 

  • Ideally, the response to the challenges is a single document with sub-links to relevant work.
  • We are very flexible on specific formats and tool choices: Google docs, HTML, Figma, Plain text, ect.

Apply by clicking Below and submitting your work and all other required fields.

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