Weighted blanket & sleep company

How we maximized Gravity’s affiliate and sponsored content programs to get the best possible ROI.

30 Activated partnerships

$3MM Revenue generated in X time

532k New Users acquire

+110% YoY Revenue growth*

Rubix built affiliate partnerships for Gravity with on-brand publishers and created a sponsored content plan that maximized brand exposure to optimize promotions and get the best possible return on investment (ROI).

Their Story

Gravity is a sleep and relaxation company on a mission to improve people’s physical and mental well-being with sleep solutions that are backed by science. Their staple product, the Gravity Blanket, launched on Kickstarter in April 2017, and they’ve only grown from there.

The Puzzle

Gravity wanted to gain new customers & introduce new channels to increase sales.

Gravity wanted to increase sales by growing their customer base and onboarding new marketing channels. So, how do you take this new D2C brand and help them scale the business quickly and effectively with  the right mix of effective affiliate partnerships and digital ad spend?

The Strategy

Rubix built affiliate partnerships for Gravity with a diverse array of reputable, on-brand publishers and created a robust sponsored content plan to maximize brand exposure. We collaborated closely with specific publishers to pitch different angles—new content, new products, new promotions—and optimize the performance of sponsored content to get the best ROI possible.

The Results

Together, we activated new affiliate partnerships that led to increased customer acquisition and massive revenue increases.

Rubix was able to effectively activate and manage 32 affiliate partnerships for Gravity. The brand saw massive increases in customer acquisition and revenue and a experienced a 110% increase in revenue year over year in the first year.


Activated Partnerships


Revenue generated


New users acquired


YoY revenue growth*

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